From time to time, it can happen to us, that we don't reach our goals in specific aspects of our life (work, studies, partnership, health) and feel blocked. Furthermore problems can arise from transitions in our live (e.g. moving into another city, job change).


During the coaching, we will start by analyzing the source of the problems. Following a concerted goal definition, you will be guided to reduce old behavioural patterns (e.g. procrastination), improve the use of existing resources, react more flexible in difficult situations and develop new behavioural patterns, which will lead towards positive long-term outcomes. Subsequently we should see an improvement in the quality of life.

Typical areas of development:

  • Procrastination (Postpone urgent tasks)
  • Unhealthy work-life-balance
  • Recurring conflicts following the same patterns
  • Difficulties in adapting to new situations
  • Difficulties in finding meaningful goals in life

"One should take things as they come. But one should make sure that they come in a way that one would like to take them."

Curt Götz