After the initial contact, we will first talk about organizational matters and set an appointment for a first consultation session of 50 minutes. After this session, we will meet for four additional so called probatory sessions of each 50 minutes. During these sessions we will get to know each other: I will learn more about you and your current situation and you will learn more about my approach. Furthermore we will decide during this session, if you feel like you are in good hands and my approach suits your expectations. We will then together create a treatment plan, based on your personal goals.


Depending on your situation we will have to apply for the therapy with your health insurance. The following sessions will regularly take place once a week, but the frequency is flexible and will be gradually decreased at the end of the therapy. If desired and therapeutically useful, single sessions can be conducted jointly with important reference persons (e.g. partner, parents). The total amount of sessions is based upon your needs and will be adjusted during the process. As a rough orientation a short-term therapy will consist of up to 25 sessions, a long-term therapy of up to 45 sessions.