Treatment philosophy

In my practice, I offer an integrative treatment approach based on a humanistic view. In a first step, acute problems will be treated with the help of fundamental cognitive behavioral therapeutic methods. If indicated, these will be complemented by the new approaches of schema and emotion-focused therapy and mindfulness-based treatments. Through the combination of these approaches the analysis of the present complex of problems is supplemented by individual biographical developments of the clients. The focus is laid on the emotional experience. This combined approach allows us to understand, why people behave in certain situations in a way that they end up again and again in the same problematic patterns and interpersonal relationships, even though they "should have known better".


The treatment seeks to enable clients to break out of these patterns, establish new behavioral patterns and develop a more positiv self experience.

"Boundless wide is the spectrum of human differences, but it cannot be measured by 'Better – Inferior' : Every human being is unique."
W. L. Lewi