Schema therapy

Schema therapy is an advancement of cognitve behavioural therapy. It focuses on  emotions and on coping with them. It is an integrative approach, combining theories and techniques from previously existing therapy approaches into an holistic concept. Earlier biographical incidents are explored to better understand and relate to current situations. Building upon this basis the therapy works on behaving in a more self caring and flexible manner in future situations. In particular, schema therapy applies emotion-activating strategies during the therapy process. The schema therapeutical model is depathologizing and conceptual applies to every human being. At the beginning of therapy this model is individualized and customized to the client with regard to her or his goals.


Recommended reading:

  • Young, J. et al. (1994): Reinventing your life. The breakthrough program to end negative behavior and feel great again. New York: Plum.

„I live here and now. I am the result of all that happened, but I live here and now“

Paulo Coelho, Aleph